An Expectant Mother’s Guide to Cannabis

We connected with Sheena M. Roberson, Founder of Cannabis Noire, a company focused on providing education, resources, and opportunities within the cannabis industry to underrepresented groups.

As an expecting mother, Sheena realized that she had to play trial and error with cannabis products to find something that really worked for her. She dealt with a number of issues including anxiety, back pain, nausea, and headaches. It wasn’t easy to create a list of products that spoke to the women in similar situations within her community. Due primarily to stigma, she also found that it was challenging to find information out there to support what she needed.

Disclaimer: Talk to your doctor, midwife, or other provider to learn more about cannabis use during pregnancy. Read this insightful Forbes article: Using Cannabis While Pregnant Does Not Impair Children’s Cognition, Decades Of Studies Suggest

Exploring Terpenes

Instead of searching for the perfect strain, Sheena started searching for the ideal terpene profile. After referencing her consumption journals, she found that she experienced recurring relief from certain strains, noting the dominant terpene.

By understanding her ideal terpene profile, Sheena was able to create her own infusions to manage her ailments and pains during pregnancy. Delivery ran the gamut from sublingual tincture application to inhalants and topicals, which supported her anxiety, nausea, and back pain, respectively.

Talks with Your Doctor

Sheena understands that discussing cannabis consumption with your doctor isn’t always easy. Depending on who you’re talking with, it can be extremely difficult knowing how much to divulge, given the heavy stigma around cannabis. Sheena found that 78% of expecting moms have experienced negative responses when disclosing that they can consume cannabis to medical professionals. Sheena suggested that,

“The safest way to discuss your cannabis consumption is to connect with cannabis-friendly medical professionals who can help answer questions and offer insight to your problems.”

Her platform, Cannabis Noire, is a great place to start to connect with a listing of canna-friendly doctors, nurses, doulas, therapists, and midwives who are all well-versed in cannabis and pregnancy. Cannabis Noire also provides resources to commonly asked questions, concerns, and things to remember while delivering in the hospital.

How to Handle Stretch Marks

Since this is not Sheena’s first pregnancy, she acknowledges that stretch marks are a sign of growth and evolution. She embraces them, but this time around she decided to make sure she did the best to nurture and fortify her skin, not so much to avoid them, but to prepare her belly for the new shape she’d be taking.

With her Ardent FX, Sheena created a blend of oils that do more than prepare, but also protect and prevent stretch marks completely. She understands everyone is different, but after sharing it with friends, and noticing improvements with older marks, she’s a believer.

Equipment Needed


  • 15 drops of jojoba oil
  • 6 drops pumpkin seed oil
  • 15 drops argan oil
  • 12 drops of infused sweet almond oil (dosed to preference)*

*Sheena uses the strain Sour Space Candy

How to Make Infused Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil

  1. Decarboxylate your CBD-rich material inside the Ardent FX using the A2 setting.
  2. Pour sweet almond oil over your activated material using the Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve, fully submerging the material. Begin an infusion cycle in the FX by toggling the setting to Infuse.
  3. Combine the oils together in a blending bowl. Using the tincture bottle, place a funnel on top and pour into the container.
  4. Apply topically on expanding and growing areas daily. Reapply after showers and baths.

To begin making your own cannabis and hemp infused products from scratch, at a fraction of dispensary pricing, grab an Ardent Nova or FX.

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For more information on Sheena and resources for cannabis and pregnancy, check out Cannabis Noire.

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