EVOO Infusion with Velvet Purps

We took a gram of cannabis and made a potent Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can be used alone or as the base for so many different therapeutic, wellness, or entertainment purposes. Decarbed, this beautiful purple strain is 17.2% THC, which is 172 mg of THC in each gram. Infusing one gram of decarbed flower into EVOO gave us 160 mg into the ounce of oil!. Starting flower testing below on the left, finished oil on the right.

How we infuse: We took 1 gram of flower we decarbed in the Nova Lift, broke it up a little bit (no grinding needed) and mixed it with 1 ounce of our EVOO in the silicone sleeve . When you place the sleeve into the Nova Lift and press the button, the THC (or CBD, if you are using CBD flower) infuses right into the oil. A quick strain when it comes out, and your oil is ready to use! Easy as pie -- which it also tastes delicious in btw...

The 1 gram of cannabis we started with had 172 mg of THC, and our final ounce of oil had 160 mg of THC. That's an over 90% infusion rate with 160mg active THC using just one gram of cannabis. How amazing is that?

Ways you can use your oil: Literally endless, and we know you want to know them all. Check out this simple and delicious recipe for chocolate cannabis bananas.​

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I love my Ardent Nova! It’s easy to use and it creates the perfect decatb and infusion oil.
Thank you

Cornelia L Short

I just recently started making my own edible for my medicinal purposes.
Needless to say, after my first decarb in the oven, something had to change.
That’s when I found the Ardent Lift!
All the difference in the world…..
Now, I’m making infused oils, tinctures, and the best banana cakes, brownies….
and practically anything else edible.
Best of all, no one knows I’m doing it!

Alan B.

Hey great video! I am curious if you can use coconut oil instead of olive oil? Are the steps any different? Thanks.



June Watson

How many times should I decarb cbd and cbg? I usually do twice instead of once when using thc. Any new advice or info to this?


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