Easy Seasonal Cannabis-Infused Ice Cubes

How to make cannabis-infused ice cubes

Why cannabis-infused ice cubes?

Not sure where to start with cannabis-infused drinks? You're not alone! Instead of working oils into elaborate smoothie recipes, or infusing milk for creamy milkshakes, you can ultimately use decarbed bud the way you would to make instant edibles, with ice cubes.

The seasonal colors are vibrant, and we want to bring those unique colors and textures to your beverages. No need to include alcohol, although you can make the chilled cocktails of your choice using these cubes. This recipe naturally compliments sparkling waters, juices, punches, and iced teas galore. Plus, depending on whether you're using THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids, you'll also be feeling the effects shortly after.

Ready to take your drinks to the new level? Don't worry, these infused ice cubes are super easy.

How To Get Started

What you need to make cannabis-infused ice cubes

What you'll need

  • An ice cube tray for large cubes. (TIP: We like the big cubes because they leave plenty of space for decoration, but you can use the size and design of your choice)
  • Pomegranate seeds or cranberries (either fresh or frozen works)
  • Herbs like mint, thyme, sage, or rosemary
  • Boiled water (helps your cubes with clarity)
  • Ardent FX or Nova Decarboxylator
  • Cannabis plant material (flower works best aesthetically, but you can also use kief to be more subtle, or fan leaves for a gorgeous infused look)


  1. Decarb plant material inside the Ardent Nova or FX using the A1 setting for THC-rich material and A2 for CBD-rich material.
  2. Pour boiled water into the ice cube tray, leaving space for our additions. Place your fresh herbs alongside your fruit until it has achieved your desired look. Then, toss in your decarbed herb, mixing it throughout.
  3. Freeze for 2-5 hours.
  4. Enjoy your delicious, seasonal beverage, and don't forget to munch on the leftover buds and fruit floating around your drink for some added fun!

Trying out your own version of cannabis-infused ice cubes? Tag us in your photos for the chance to be featured on our Instagram page! Or want to find more cannabis-infused drink recipes to enjoy? Try our frozen margarita or cold brew coffee recipes!

Finished cannabis-infused ice cubes

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