Easy FECO Face Moisturizer

The perfect moisturizer doesn’t exist. And that’s because we all have different skin concerns, skin textures, genetics, and environmental conditions around us.

It’s likely that you’ve already found a moisturizer that works for your daily use, though, despite maybe opting for a thicker moisturizer to prevent chapping in the wintertime and switching to a lighter alternative in the warmer months after long days in the sun.

So on the days where you’re experiencing morning puffiness, extra dryness, or even a rash, we won’t make you use something that might further trigger your skin. Use what you’re used to, and add a bit of homemade FECO: optimized with the help of your Ardent Mini or FX.

Keep reading to find out how.

How to Get Started

To make this infused moisturizer, you must first know how to make FECO. (Otherwise known as full extract cannabis oil.)

You can make FECO with THC, CBD, or CBG material; just decarb on their respective settings and combine in your cold infusion at the same time.

Making FECO requires decarboxylated cannabis or hemp material to be fully submerged and steeped inside a strong grain alcohol, such as Everclear, without adding heat. This can happen for as little as a few hours, since alcohol is such a strong solvent, but usually spends at least a full day steeping in a cool, dark place. Strain, then let your Everclear infusion evaporate off in a well-ventilated room, left alone, for up to a few days.

Equipment Needed

  • Ardent Mini, FX or Nova
  • Dab tool
  • Small jar or airtight container


  • Your favorite moisturizer
  • FECO*

*You can use other decarboxylated concentrates, but with shatter specifically, be cautious and warm up your moisturizer to avoid seizing. FECO with a bit of alcohol left behind may be a bit easier to mix into your moisturizer.

How to Make FECO Face Moisturizer

  1. Pour or scoop your favorite moisturizer into a small jar.
  2. Using your dab tool, scoop some FECO into the moisturizer until you’ve reached your desired dose, and mix well.

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