Easy Cannabis Cheese Toast

Cheese. Toast. Cannabis. Tell us what in that list we're supposed to not like. (Hint; nada, we're basically obsessed with all three.)

Cheese toast - a lazy (wo)man's grilled cheese - is a particular specialty of ours. We love the melty cheese on delicous carb-heaven bread and have become experts in dirtying as few dishes as possible to make it just about the easiest snack around.

Recently Haydies, an Ardentite from across the pond, took this cheesy nosh and made it into an instant edible - GENIUS! This cannabis cheesy toast will try to lure you to eat more than one so dose appropriately if you just can't resist the tempation for 2 (or 3 or 4...)

These chilly nights are perfect for trying this clever edible hack. Who are we kidding, we could eat this one in the dead of summer in the middle of a desert.

Use any of your favorite bread, or even slices that are on their last good day and get creative with the cheese. You can use only hard cheese like Haydies or dollop some soft cheese on top for a divine combination of cannabis and cheesy textures on your crispy bread.

As soon as you activate by decarboxylating, the THC, CBD or whatever combination of cannabinoids is in your plant, are ready to use right from the plant. There’s no need to infuse, although blending with fats (like cheese, oil, peanut butter, etc.) can help with absorption and bioavailability, so cheese toast is both a delicious and effective way to medicate.

Cheese Toast Cannabis Edible Recipe Hack

1. Decarb Cannabis & Sprinkle

First things first, you'll want to decarb your cannabis. Still using the old school methods? If you want to get the most for your money make sure to use the Nova or FX.

After decarboxylation, it’s just a quick easy melt in order to arrive in cheese paradise. Turn your oven or toaster oven on to get the heat going, take your slices of bread and sprinkle some decarbed flower on them. We like to keep our sprinkling near the middle to ensure none of our beloved cannabis falls off the side.

To give you an idea of dosing, starting with 20% THC flower the 0.2g Haydies used here would give 40mg of active THC cannatoast 🥰

2. Place Cheese On Cannabis Bread

The all important cheese step lends itself to a bit of side cheese snacking - no shame there! You can slice a cheese block or use shredded cheese, and add any other toppings. We've been known to add some mushrooms and goat cheese on one half and salty pepporoni on the other for the best of both worlds.

Also delightful with cheese alone, you can't go wrong here.

3. Heat Cheesy Cannabis Toast

There's not much to say on this step. Put your cannabis-cheesy concoction in your oven or toaster oven, placing foil underneath if you're prone to cheese dripping.

4. Eat Cheesy Cannabis Edible

If you're feeling fancy, you can use a pizza slicer to cut up your cannabis cheese toast into little bite-sized cubes. We've never been able to wait that long!

Another Ardent recipe that lets your Nova or FX do the hard work of decarbing so you can stick to easy work of yummy snacking. Enjoy!

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