Earth Day Solutions for Conscious Cannabis Consumers

Not only is Earth day a celebration of the cannabis plant: one of Mother Earth’s finest gifts to humanity, but also a call to action for people around the world, asking them to do their part to extend the life of our dear planet.

The Ardent Nova and FX are high-efficiency devices, and they use less than 100 watts of power, where the average electric stove uses between 2 and 5 thousand watts at a time. Every time you choose to decarb, infuse, and bake inside your Ardent unit vs. inside the oven, you’re making a conscious effort to reduce your energy consumption.

Compliant cannabis industries in states throughout the country often over-package their goods to meet legal requirements and parameters for child safety. Glass jars, usually containing 8ths, can be easily re-used for storage, infusions, and more. Our favorite use for 8th jars is actually using them to activate and infuse two at a time on the Ardent FX Double Lifter.

Better yet, reduce your single-use plastic consumption by reducing your cannabis purchasing in general. Without a trip to the dispensary, you save yourself an exit bag, disposable outer packaging, inner packaging, and the emissions that would be released through transportation to and from the dispensary. How? Home grow. Home grow allows you to bring your harvest from farm to table without wasteful emissions: plus, grow your plants outside to prevent the use of indoor lights.

Home grow also allows you to use every part of the cannabis plant for its beneficial properties. Use nugs of all sizes for smoking, empty your kief chamber to add some oomph to your smokables or to make ultra-strong edibles, and save sugar leaf and trim for oil and butter infusions. You can even use the THCA-rich leaves for salads, smoothies, and garnish. Plus, other fruits, vegetables, and organic food waste can be transformed into compost for your home grow.

Lastly, Ardent makes it easy to give your spent material, or raffinate, a second life. With about 5% of activated cannabinoids lingering in the raffinate, using your spent material in unique ways prevents over-consumption of other items in its place. Because of the strong herbal flavors in pesto, it’s easy to mask the cannabis flavor by tossing in finely ground raffinate among the other aromatics. We also recommend making a topical exfoliator using nothing but the soaking, leftover herb as a natural scrub for hands and body, and rinsing with cool water. Raffinate can also be stuffed into capsules to transform every last mg of activated material into a convenient, consumable form.

Which Earth-friendly Ardent tip are you introducing to your routine to do something kind for the planet? Tag us on Instagram with your favorite tips for the chance to be featured on our page.

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