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And We Flipped it Into Rosin Hummus!

You might be familiar with decarbing hemp and cannabis flower, but did you know that you can decarb concentrated forms of cannabis like kief, rosin, BHO and budder? Our favorites are solventless concentrates; those are ones created without using chemicals like kief and rosin. (If you haven't tried our high potency, non intoxicating CBGa kief, don't miss out on this magical "mother of cannabinoids) One benefit of concentrates is that you can get a much higher dose of whatever cannabinoid you're looking to use when it's in concentrate form.

Making Super Potent THC Hummus with Activated Rosin

Today we had a lot of fun making super-potent THC hummus using activated rosin. The process was so easy and we got the most out of the material using Ardent technology, in this case the Ardent FX decarboxylator. Just like with flower, any cannabinoids that are in the concentrate are still in the acidic form. For THC, the acid form is THCa, for CBD the acid form is CBDa, for CBG its CBGa, and so on. Decarboxylation is the process of removing that acid molecule to reveal the underlying active THC, CBD, CBG, etc. This is done through precise heat and timing, and unlike the oven, toaster oven and other kitchen appliances that aren't designed for decarboxylation and will burn off or fail to activate some of the cannabinoids, leading to 30-50% loss, Ardent gets you over 97% activation each time at the press of a button. Ardent's dual sensors and thermal heating core create lab-grade heating cycles that fully activate any material without the loss.

Activating Rosin with Ardent FX, Mini, or Nova

For this activation, we used Mammoth Scooby Snacks Rosin, which was 65% THCA. After activation in Ardent FX, Mini or Nova, the rosin will have over 620mg of THC per gram! Learn more about dosing in our dosing guide referenced above. We used the double lifter to help us easily get the rosin in and out of the FX. And since the rosin came in a glass container, we kept it in its same glass container when we decarbed it. When you're using the FX, to decarb THCA to THC, use the A1 cycle. The precision decarb process takes about an hour and a half including the warm-up and cool-down portions of the cycle. As soon as the light turned green, we removed the double lifter with the decarbed rosin.

Infusing the Decarbed Concentrate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At this point we could have poured the decarbed rosin directly into our snack, but we didn't want a 600+mg THC snack! So in order to stretch the concentrate and make it easy to mix into the savory snack we want to make, we mixed the decarbed concentrate with some extra virgin olive oil. We popped the EVOO and decarbed the concentrate mixture back into the FX on the Infuse setting to mix them together. The great thing about concentrates is that, since you're just blending them together instead of extracting from the flower and then straining, you don't have to run a full infusion cycle. You just need to get the concentrate and oil mixture warm enough that the oil and concentrate are all well mixed and blended together.

Once we infused the decarbed concentrate and EVOO, we mixed some in without hummus for a deliciously potent, healthy treat. Easy as pie, but even better for you!

Use Ardent technology and accessories to create top shelf products for less and custom dosed for yourself and your friends and family using your favorite flower, kief, rosin and open a new world of fantastic possibilities to improve your health and elevate your existence! Get your hands on the FX and accessories featured in this video, including the Double Lifter and Nova Vessel.

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