Decarb Diaries: Skywalker Goo

Straight from the Ardent-verse, we've got an activation demonstration to show you what the Skywalker Goo strain looks like before and after activation, share some testing results, and show you how you can get the most out of every single bit of material.
We started with 1 gram of Skywalker Goo, activated that in the Nova, and pulled out the activated sample.

The starting material had a potential for 17% potency, and with the Nova Lift's precision decarb our decarbed flower has 17% THC.

That means in one gram of flower there's 170 milligrams of active, ready-to-enjoy THC.

You can put that in capsules, use it directly on your food, or you could even infuse it into butters or oils right in your decarboxylator! For an even easier infusion use the Nova's Infusion Sleeve.

To learn more about infusion check out our Infusion Guide!

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This is awesome and a real game changer. No more rolling the dice with the oven and no smell. It is so easy to infuse oils. I love it.

Howard Oswalt

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