Decarb Diaries: Silver Strawberry

Welcome to the second installment of the Decarb Diaries! We love Silver Strawberry so what better way to enjoy it than to use it as a decarb demonstration for our wonderful community. Let's do it:

We started with 1 gram of Silver Strawberry flower, decarbed that in the Nova, and pulled out the decarbed sample

The starting flower had a potential for over 22% THC, and with the Nova's precision decarb our decarbed flower has over 22% THC.

That means in one gram of flower there's over 220 milligrams of active, ready-to-enjoy THC.

That means in one gram of flower there's 220 milligrams of active, ready-to-enjoy THC. You can put that in capsules, use it directly on your food, or you could even infuse it into butters or oils right in your decarboxylator! For an even easier infusion use the Nova's Infusion Sleeve. Looking for an alcohol extraction? Try a cold extraction with your decarbed flower and check back soon for the next installment of Ardent's Decarb Diaries.

To learn more about infusion check out our Infusion Guide!

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Bought our decarboxylator several years ago, when you first began selling them. I still love it! Congratulations on your success!

Donn Stratouly

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