Decarb Diaries: Mulberry Goo

Welcome back to the Decarb Diaries, where we show you the test results before and after decarb of different strains so you can see how much THC and CBD you can get from every gram with a precise decarb. Today's strain du jour is Mulberry Goo. It's a sweet-smelling hybrid with deep green buds adorned with purple flecks.

We started with 1 gram of Mulberry Goo flower, decarbed it in the Nova, and pulled out the decarbed sample. The testing results for the before flower are on the left, decarbed on the right.

The starting flower had a potential for over 18% THC, and with the Nova’s precision decarb our decarbed flower has over 18% THC.

In one gram of flower there’s over 180 milligrams of active, ready-to-enjoy THC.

That means that Nova fully activated the THC without any loss, and in just one gram of this Mulbery Goo there are over 180 milligrams of THC! The choices are endless when it comes to how you can use the decarbed bud.

Many people like to mix it directly into their food for an instant edible experience. If you prefer a cannaoil or cannabutter, you can place the decarbed flower and butter or oil back into the Nova for a second cycle for an easy, efficient extraction. Let us know how you like to use decarbed flower in the comments below!

To learn more about infusion check out our Infusion Guide!

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