As you know, we have been working hard on our presale units. While we have been producing the next batch of units, we have also been busy testing and building additional data sets related to some of the most frequently asked questions. Top on the list is the operation of CBD during decarboxylation. While its commonly believed that CBDa requires a higher or longer temperature than THCa for optimal conversion, the situation is much more nuanced. CBDa can be quite volatile, and as we have shown you before, high temps can quickly degrade potential CBD. It is in fact possible to decarb CBD with the same parameters as THC. The determining factor in CBDa decarb is actually whether THCa is also present. Where THCa is present, even where CBDa is dominant, CBDa and THCa will decarb simultaneously and at the precision temps that work for conversion to THC. It is only where THCa is minimal or not present that CBDa may require longer (2 cycle) processing.

We will be releasing a full battery of testing and discussion related to this topic to the public, but wanted to provide you a first exclusive look. You can see in the results below a high CBD strain decarbed in 1 cycle in the unit. Notice that the starting sample (C17-CBD Bravo) shows the raw plant material, dried and cured. You can see in the second results (D17-1 CBD Bravo), there was full decarboxylation of the CBD and THC while retaining all of the potential CBD (19%) and THC (8%).

We have also begun working on the formulations for our capsules, sublinguals, and topicals and will invite you to have first access to those. There are so many exciting things in store over these next few months, we're glad you're a part of it and please stay tuned!

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Iโ€™m very interested in results decarbing resin and what quantities your able to decarb in this unit.


So Happy to have this new product you created, and to be with like and soul minded people.

Chantal Benedict

I am using minimal thc (27 %) available. Does this mean I have to decarb twice? And what is the loss after conversion?


I LOVE the decarboxylator. If my house were burning down, Iโ€™d save my animals and my Ardent decarboxylator before anything else. Thank you for this life changing devise. I micro dose and just eat tiny amounts when I need it. So easy now!


Does anyone know if I should double cycle for a strain with 4% THC and 13% CBD? Thank you!


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