A Family Reunion To Remember Featuring Ardent's Cannabutter with a Twist

At Ardent, we believe sharing the joy of cannabis-infused creations with loved ones is one of the best parts of the cannabis journey. For over 25 years now, I've been using edibles, topicals and suppositories to treat an ovarian cyst I got after my son was born, and over the last eight years that we have been educating and sharing Ardent technology with the world, it's been amazing to see how impactful the power to know, understand and easily create products can be not only on the individual but their entire family and community. Taking the reins of our lives, including our health and our happiness, is something we all deserve and I am so happy to be here sharing with you.

In the spirit of sharing the power of the plant far and wide, when it was time for our family reunion this year, I made sure to come equipped with a special treat to share the love, whether my family needed relaxation or to ease their sore bodies after a long day, I knew I had exactly what was needed. I decided to bring our new Ardent Done-For-You Butter that comes complete with 12.5mg of THC and 12.5mg of CBD per teaspoon. I could have taken it as is, but if you remember, I love to customize and for me having CBG in the mix as well is always a good move. So I decarbed a bit of our super potent CBGa kief and infused it into the cannabutter so the jar would have 600mg of non-psychoactive CBG in addition to THC and CBD. You can check out that tutorial and video here if you're interested.

With my custom cannabutter in hand, I was ready to fly off to good food, laughter, and the therapeutic benefits of this unique cannabinoid blend.

I didn't have to wait long to whip out my goodies. The first day after touchdown and some kickoff activities that involved way too much walking in the sun, we went to the seafood buffet for dinner. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement as cousins, aunts, uncles, and the elders gathered around the table and the big piled plates started to appear.

And it was a perfect pairing because just as the meal began, the Done For You Cannabutter with CBG made its debut. My cousins immediately spread it on warm rolls, savoring the delightful combination of flavors. The butter provided a subtle "pick me up" that enhanced the dining experience, adding a touch of wellness to our time together.

You know that one aunt who's the troublemaker in the best kind of way? Well, that's my Aunt Gloria from the time I can remember and I couldn't love her any more than I do! And with her is where I had the most joyous moments during the trip. She's recovering from a broken ankle and kneecap, diligently attending physical therapy sessions to regain her mobility. You can imagine how challenging that has been, just so many moments of discomfort and pain.

Being able to provide her with comfort after a long day of activities at the reunion, just through a little swipe of cannabutter, and seeing her excitement at discovering a natural and delicious therapy that not only provided a sense of relaxation but also offered pain support was a reminder of how powerful this plant is, and honestly how we can sometimes take that power for granted, especially those of us who have easy access.

Wellness and togetherness were the main stars of this show, and I hope that wherever you are, you embrace the power to harness and create with this amazing plant. Ardent technology and products help you get there with laboratory-grade devices that make you an instant expert and innovative cannabinoid blends so you can create custom therapies perfect for you and the ones you love.

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