Cannabis-Infused Valentine's Day Cakesicles Recipe

valentines day cannabis infused cakesicles recipe

If you want to step out of the box this Valentine’s Day with a delicious, infused experience, our Valentine’s Day cakesicles will take you there. A bit different from this holiday’s traditional chocolate-covered strawberries, which you can also infuse, by the way, this unique treat will definitely get you some brownie points.

Whether you’re making these upgraded cake pops with your Valentine or by yourself, you’ll be sure to feel the love like a nice, warm hug, as soon as the edible hits.

cannabis cakesicles

Equipment you’ll need:

  • Cakesicle molds
  • Popsicle sticks (wooden or re-usable metallic ones work well)
  • Cellophane wrappers (for distribution and storage)
  • Medium for decarboxylation: Ardent Nova, Ardent FX, oven, etc.


  • Boxed cake mix of your choice (we like red velvet for these)
  • 1 ¼ cups water (or per box’s instructions)
  • ½ cup cannabis-infused vegetable oil (or per box’s instructions)
  • 3 eggs (or per box’s instructions)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of cream cheese frosting (if making this from scratch, use cream cheese, softened butter, confectioners sugar, and vanilla extract)
  • White chocolate wafer melts
  • Pink, red, and other Valentine’s Day sprinkles


  1. Decarb your cannabis plant material in the Ardent Nova, FX, or oven.
  2. Infuse decarbed cannabis material into the canola oil on the FX’s infuse setting, in the Nova, or on the stovetop. Strain.
  3. Bake a cake using the cannabis-infused canola oil.
  4. Once cooled, break the cake down with your hands in a mixing bowl until it’s nice and crumbly.
  5. Add 1-2 tablespoons of frosting to the crumbly cake mixture and form it into a cake ball.
  6. Coat your cakesicle molds with melted white chocolate, push the popsicle sticks inside, and then place them in the refrigerator for 5 minutes.
  7. Take out the molds, remove the popsicle sticks, and patch up any spots missing the white chocolate coating. Push the popsicle sticks back inside. Cool in the refrigerator for an additional 5 minutes.
  8. Remove the popsicle sticks. Then, take a bit of the cake ball mix and stuff it inside the chocolate molds, being sure not to overflow it. Place the popsicle sticks back inside, piercing the cake ball.
  9. Coat the top of your cakesicle molds with a layer of chocolate. Repeat if needed. Refrigerate for an additional 5 minutes and remove from the molds on to parchment paper to begin decorating.
  10. Drizzle remaining melted chocolate over portions of the cakesicles by rotating a spoon quickly from side to side. Add sprinkles and additional decorations as desired.
  11. Wrap cooled cakesicles in cellophane wrappers and store in the freezer or refrigerator for best results.

Trying out our infused cakesicles this Valentine’s Day? Tag us on Instagram for the chance to be featured on our page.

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