Can You Just Eat Weed Straight?

Curious if you can chow down on decarbed cannabis? Short answer: YES!

After the decarboxylation process, you can eat your activated material with no further processing such as infusion. Precision activation gives you an average of 100 - 250 mg THC per gram (depending on the potency of your starting flower), which means you only need a small amount of decarbed bud if you’re adding it to your food. Once your weed is activated, the options are endless!

One of the most mess-free and convenient ways to make edibles is by sprinkling decarbed bud directly over your food before consuming. Instant edibles save time and keep the mess to a minimum. You can literally do anything with it and you will feel the effects – including eating it plain or tossing some into your favorite home cooked meal or your takeout!

Next question: Should you eat decarbed cannabis as is? It's all about preference! We’re big fans of the instant edible method but for many in our Owner’s Club, Ardent You Glad You Can Decarb?, this is a hot topic. Recently, Ardent community members shared their insights and consumption choices. Read more below!

And if you still need to grab an Ardent decarboxylator in order to activate and eat directly or to infuse into your favorite snacks, grab one now!

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