Experience the Cali Sober Life with Infused Non-Alcoholic Beer

cannabis infused non alcoholic beer

When Ardent community member Matt Roach quit drinking a few years back, he also let his self-taught micro-brewing hobby fall to the wayside; he did, however, really miss the feeling of pouring his passion into something that turned into a great product, naming his brews perfectly, and sharing a moment of enjoyment with friends and family.

Today, Matt harnesses the power of his Ardent Nova, our flagship decarboxylator, that allows Matt and others in our community to reach precision activation of more than 97% of available cannabinoids in their material.

Matt's Process for Infused Non-Alcoholic Beer

process to create non alcoholic cannabis beer

Matt’s experimentation lead him to try making a Citra hop infusion into propylene glycol using the Nova - that’s right, a water-soluble hop infusion. Why propylene glycol? Well, because it’s food-safe and can be used to integrate cannabinoids like THC and Delta-8 THC, along with other herbs, and even heat from ultra-hot peppers.

When his fermented wort comes out, if it’s on the sweet side, he’ll be adding additional Citra and some cannabis infusion made directly inside the Nova.

What is Cali Sober?

weed leaf beer

Just like replacing hemp or cannabis smokables for cigarettes, many consumers replace their alcohol habit with seltzer, non-alcoholic beer, and other euphoric, adaptogenic mixers for mocktails in order to lead a Cali Sober lifestyle.

Cali Sober, according to journalist Michelle Lhooq, means leading a sober lifestyle except for cannabis and other psychedelics. We’ve watched the rise of the Cali Sober trend over the past few years, and only see it growing with movements like Dry January beginning to impact offerings at bars, restaurants, and even standards for social gatherings and online communities.

What we want to hear from you:

Have you ever tried a cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beverage? Did you ever make your own? What’s your strategy?

Follow along with Matt’s brewing journey and hear from other members of the Ardent community, where they chat about the hottest recipes and experiments happening in their kitchens, by joining our Owners Group on Facebook.

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