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Easy, DIY Summer Plant Projects

Welcome to Easy, DIY Summer Plant Projects with Emily Gogol, PhD, Head Gardener at Grow It From Home. Emily has years of experience growing all sorts of plants in urban gardens and is an expert on growing cannabis, which includes hemp and herb, at home.

From green drinks to floral arrangements, Emily compiled some of her favorite plant-powered projects that are perfect for the summertime. Cannabis is a versatile plant that can be enjoyed all throughout the summer and with the help from your Ardent Nova or FX device, get the most out of your supply!

There's no better companion to a home grow than Ardent technology: both the Ardent Nova and the Ardent FX get you precision (97-100%) activation of your plant materials to make infused products in any space from start to finish. Home appliances simply cannot compare.

Below are Ask A Grower’s top picks that will keep you busy this month and next!

Enjoy Green Smoothies & Tea

You can replace the “green” component in your smoothie with fresh, young leaves from your plants. Just pinch off some of the newer juicy leaves and give them a rinse. Being able to do this is a huge benefit of having your own plants on hand – think of it as a giant herb or vegetable garden at your fingertips. You can also dry the leaves and flower like you would mint or lemon balm, and make a tea. Will you be growing in the ground or in a container? Whatever you decide, be sure the plants will get full sun. If you would plant a tomato there, you can plant your cannabis there. Cannabis does really well in containers, and we recommend a 3-5 gallon pot or larger. These can be plastic, terra cotta, or fabric. We have a detailed guide available on growing in containers on our website.

Make A Floral Arrangement

During the months of June through July, you can prune back your plants to keep them compact and fluffy in your garden. Once you’ve pruned and collected the foliage, it is easy to use them in a bouquet. Cannabis foliage is also one of the longest lasting in a vase!

Elevate your flower bouquets by adding Cannabis foliage, which happens to be super easy to use and long lasting. This plant just keeps on giving!

Explore Savory Dishes

Yes, the plant is that versatile: flower, herb, and vegetable. As an herb, many chefs are adding minced leaves to dishes like they would oregano or thyme, and are also making pesto. As a vegetable, it is used as a wrap, or juiced to infuse doughs. Explore the taste by pinching some of the young leaves, giving them a rinse, and a quick chop.

With a pair of pruners or even regular scissors, snip off the youngest leaves to use in your savory dishes, tea, and green smoothies.

Make Some Art

You can get fancy using the leaves in all sorts of art projects like you would any other leaves, and there is always the reliable sun print! Sun prints are quick, easy and beautiful, and make a great project for the whole family.

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