A Valentine's Day Gift Guide For The Weed-Smoking Love In Your Life

With these infusion kits from Ardent, all you need is an outlet, so you could technically make them in a hotel or at work or next to the dumpster in your apartment complex if that's where you are celebrating your love.

We have mentioned Ardent's Nova, a decarboxylator, before because it is magic. You put your weed in and process it for consumption, while you avoid filling your home with cannabis odors like you would using the oven. Recently, they released infusion kits that allow you to also use the Nova in creating customized treats. There is a caramel kit with lactose-free flavors, including original caramel, spicy dark chocolate, and salted bourbon and vanilla bean. It's perfect for topping ice cream or your partner's naked body. If you aren't down with sweets, consider their coconut oil kit, and use the infused oil to turn anything you cook with it into an edible. It can also be used as a topical for people who need a little pain relief to feel relaxed and romantic. The kits are a breeze to use and the end result is worth it. Plus, there's no messy pan to clean up afterward.

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