A Goodbye Letter to the Nova 💜 Love, Shanel Lindsay

Before launching Ardent, Shanel Lindsay was a medical cannabis patient suffering from chronic pain and inflammation caused by an ovarian cyst she developed after having her son. She soon discovered that using cannabis as an accurate medicine was almost impossible.

Determined and motivated to find a solution, Shanel worked with scientists at MCR Labs and created the Ardent Nova Precision Decarboxylator, which regulates medical cannabis dosing and also doubles as an infuser. She has grown a global brand in Ardent Life Inc. and has received multiple patents for her inventions.

In 2020, Shanel introduced Nova's new family member, the Ardent FX, an all-in-one cooking, infusion and baking device. Shanel was just included in High Times Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis for 2021.

After 7 years, the Ardent Nova is running its final cycle and retiring on 4/20. The flagship decarboxylator and infuser completely changed the at-home edibles game (and beyond) for both consumers and patients.

Read Shanel’s personal message below to the beloved Ardent Nova.

Ardent Founder & CEO’s Farewell, Love Note to the Nova

Hey Girl,

It’s time to say goodbye. As I’m writing, there’s a tear in my eye and a smile on my face. We’ve been through so much in these last 7 years. How could I ever thank you? As we get ready to say farewell. let's take a trip down memory lane together:

  • Before you, I was a bright aspiring lawyer but there was something missing. Cannabis was a main feature in my life, but people around me were struggling with it.
  • Massachusetts had medical marijuana but no dispensaries. People were excited but really confused. They were wasting weed and some people were turning away from it, because it seemed to be not working.
  • But I saw there was a way. We got nerdy and deep into the science at MCR Labs. And then I made YOU 💜 Ardent’s pride and joy. The name ardent means passionate. Your passion for the plant and making things easier for anyone. You’re the embodiment of that passion.
  • Amazing ideas don’t just come to life and this was no exception. Girl, you were HARD to deal with!
  • I had to pull together an international team to produce all the individual complements needed. It was a very depressing first day when all the pieces arrived but things still wouldn’t quite work, and it seemed impossible to fake a smile that day. Looking back now, drama always comes up but there’s still so much joy in it, and it's a reminder to find happiness through the bad times. I need that reminder constantly in business. The only way to the other side is through. In hindsight, it was one of the best times of my life. That’s a lesson I’ll keep close as I face new challenges in my future.
  • Because of you, I learned how to solder (not very well, and with a lot of burnt fingers), become an expert in manufacturing, and put all my legal training to work in order to figure out this complicated new world of cannabis business.
  • You’ve always been a grassroots effort - with the focus on science. What if we tell them they can use an ⅛ to make hundreds of dollars of edibles? If we told them you can just decarb and then eat the bud? If you could stretch any stash and make it into any product you could think of on a dispensary shelf, what would they do?
  • We spend the next 7 years finding out and the Ardentverse that has formed around this movement is so inspiring and heartwarming. Then we started to tell the world.
  • It’s been a whirlwind and you were at the center of it all. When I think back, it’s been about so much more than just our journey. You were right there as we were leading the push for legalization and equity in Massachusetts. Creating you gave me a voice, as a business owner and leader. Because of you, I had a unique position and insight to how this industry was moving, and it wasn’t in the right direction. We fought to change that and we won!
  • I had to balance watching you grow up. You're like my child but you’ve also helped me be a better mom to my actual child. It was really awesome to be able to provide an example to him of how to chase his dreams, thoughts do become things, and it’s okay to pour your passion into the world – even if you’re fearful of how it’s all going to turn out. On top of all that, you’re paying for Jaden’s college. Thanks because it’s expensive!
  • Patent much? You’ve stretched and pushed me into new areas. Who would have thought that we’d have FOUR utility patents for YOU. “You is new, you is novel, you is protected.” As much as I’ve wanted to grow as a person and as a professional, you’ve pushed me there. Taking you from idea, to patent and to product put me to the test. You showed me how to have confidence and vision even (or especially) when the path was not clear. I had to trust my heart and instinct in following this passion.
  • Although we are still small and homegrown, the world is starting to notice. Have you seen all the media attention you’ve gotten over these last years from the press? Oh, and remember when Most Expensivest with 2 Chainz called and asked you to show up and show out? That was a blast, you did so good and looked fly as hell too.
  • On top of that, you’ve been the best example for your little big sister, FX. You showed the world that you could decarb, infuse and also bake inside. Our first kits were just for you. You are truly our OG 💜💯
  • You proved time and time again that you really are for EVERYONE. All of the incredible people and communities we have encountered in the last years are all because of you. That journey made your uniqueness abundantly clear. You’re on the counters of the headiest, stoniest members of our community and at the very same time, you’re a gentle guide and friend to even the most novice user. That’s what I’m most proud of. You honor traditional cannabis culture, our culture, but you’re kind, inviting, and comforting to those just wading into the sea of green. From cannacurious to cannascientist, you’re perfect for them all. Patients included.
  • You’ve led me to an abundance of people in my life including the amazing wide and diverse cannabis community and of course, the Ardent team. Without them, none of this would be possible.
  • Everyone is wondering what’s next? You’ve helped people all over the world - we spread the message far and wide, and now it’s time for you to retire.
  • There’s never an end to the support we’ll give to those lucky enough to have you. As you know, there were only so many of you made and that means you’ve officially become a collector’s item! As Ardent continues to blossom, we’ll always look back on you as the one that started it all. Congrats baby girl, I always knew I could count on you!

Love Always,


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