Ways to Consume Cannabis - SmokingSmoking is the most popular way to enjoy marijuana, no doubt because of tradition and familiarity but also because it does not require a lot of planning or skill, the effects are felt instantly and it’s easy to control the initial and subsequent doses (because if the effect is too strong, you can stop smoking).

Why ArdentActivate Before Smoking?

Unfortunately, smoking is incredibly inefficient and wasteful as your money literally goes up in smoke. Smoking ArdentActivated herb, however, is much more cost effective thanks to its increased potency: because the NOVA is nearly 100% efficient at converting the unusable THC in the raw plant into its usable, bioactive form, the smoke from ArdentActivated herb has triple the THC when compared to smoke from raw herb. So even though much of the THC is wasted when smoking, the amount you do inhale after it is ArdentActivated is three times more potent. The increased potency means you can use 1/3 as much for the same effect and save money or use the same amount and enjoy a more powerful effect.

Smoking ArdentActivated cannabis can also deliver more CBN, which has a sedative effect. This is a great benefit for those who smoke to address PTSD and insomnia concerns or those who like the heavy effect more often associated with traditional edibles.

Some cannabis connoisseurs report that the ArdentActivation process makes the smoke taste slightly more earthy. If this is a concern, using a water pipe or bong might reduce it. If it still bothers you, you could instead use one of the other great ways to consume cannabis the NOVA enables.

To learn how to use the NOVA for smoking, visit our How To section.

Benefit of using the NOVA

The NOVA simplifies the activation process with its patent pending, one-button approach: add your cannabis, push the button and that’s it! The high precision appliance dramatically increases THC potency allowing you to use less herb for the same effect, saving you money (estimate your savings)! The NOVA also makes it possible for users to accurately determine their dose, something especially important to medical users. Learn more.



Simple and efficient!

“Works like a charm. I now put all of my cannabis through the unit as it provides a more pleasant smoke, a more versatile product, and full potency. Win, win, win.” – Art A.


“So easy to use! When I first used the machine I really didn’t believe it would make a difference. Boy was I wrong! Now as soon as I receive my product I put it in the machine so it’s ready to go when I need...
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