ArdentActivated Cannabis Infused Tobicals


ArdentActivated topicals provide calming, localized pain relief for ordinary aches and pains and chronic health conditions as well as exciting beauty benefits. Application is discreet and leaves no tell-tale scent people generally associate with cannabis. This makes them an easy way to incorporate the benefits of cannabis into your self-care routine, generally free of any “high”.

The NOVA and Infusion Sleeve make it possible to create your own dispensary-grade topicals at home. It’s so easy to customize them and create your own massage oils, lotions, body butters and other beauty products. You can even get a strong dose of cannabinoids such as CBD through your own favorite facial and cosmetic lotions. ArdentActivated Topicals are a great way to look good while you’re feeling good, too.

How Cannabis-Infused Topicals Work

While many cannabis users appreciate the euphoria that comes with smoking, it’s not always the high they are after. Many people also value cannabis for its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. The great benefit of cannabis-infused topicals is that they deliver soothing pain relief without the euphoria. Many users even combine infusions with their favorite anti-aging lotions as a beauty aid and find their skin looks younger than ever, with less puffiness and fewer breakouts. To learn how to make cannabis infused topicals, visit our How To section.

How the NOVA and Sleeve Help Make Topicals

The determining factor in the effectiveness of a topical is the infused oil, and it’s only through the NOVA and Sleeve that quality and consistency of at-home preparation can be assured. The NOVA’s ArdentActivation process is quicker than traditional methods, and importantly delivers a higher potent end product, meaning you can use less per application. Fall in love with your favorite lotion all over again by adding just a little infused oil. From pain relief to less inflammation, now you can receive the benefits of cannabinoids such as CBD applied to your skin. And for far less money than dispensaries charge for their topicals.



Simple and efficient!

“Works like a charm. I now put all of my cannabis through the unit as it provides a more pleasant smoke, a more versatile product, and full potency. Win, win, win.” – Art A.

Game Changer

“This has been a game changer in my house, helping me to create powerful medicine in the form of edibles. Simple and easy to use, with amazing results each and every time.” – Erin D.

Excellent from start to finish.

“Excellent from start to finish. Works perfectly, with ease! I get my product lab tested and the tests show 99-100% activation every time. Soo much easier, safer, and less stinky than the old fashioned way.” – Jacqueline B.
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