Instant Edibles

Instant Edibles use the ArdentActivated cannabis as it comes straight out of the NOVA. Except for grinding, no additional effort, specialized kitchen gear or cooking time is required. Instant Edibles are an exciting, versatile way to enjoy cannabis that opens up a world of possibilities that do not require a lot of planning or create any mess. ArdentActivated cannabis can be:

  • Sprinkled on food
  • Blended into drinks
  • Swallowed in gelatin capsules

How Instant Edibles Work

Sprinkle ArdentActivated cannabis on food, add to your drinks or swallow in capsules. The mild flavor is so subtle, it’s nearly indistinguishable from any other mild herbs commonly used in cooking or baking. And thanks to the NOVA’s patent pending ArdentActivation process, Instant Edibles are so potent, only a small amount is needed to deliver an effect so it’s hardly noticed, if at all, in most dishes.

With Instant Edibles the active ingredients enter the bloodstream through the digestive tract. Because of the way it’s consumed, personalized dosing is possible: your slice of pizza has more than mine. Like all edibles though, Instant Edibles takes longer to produce an effect when compared with smoking or sublingual methods of consumption; however, the effects last longer and will feel stronger. Eating Instant Edibles produces results within 1-3 hours, and those results last 6-8 hours.

Putting ArdentActivated cannabis into gelatin capsules that you swallow is another great Instant Edible approach. This allows for very precise, consistent dosing (by weighing the amount of material you put in the capsule) which makes it very popular with medical users. And for shy recreational users, capsules are the most discrete of all the consumption methods: you could do it in front of your grandmother and she wouldn’t realize what you were doing (although nowadays, it might be considered rude to not offer her some too). Learn more about how to prepare your cannabis for Instant Edibles consumption.

The Benefits of Using the NOVA to Prepare Instant Edibles

With its innovative design and patent pending activation technology, the NOVA requires less herb to deliver the same effect. Making smaller batches with the NOVA ensures the freshness of your cannabis and minimizes waste. The NOVA’s ArdentActivation process makes high-quality and consistent personal dosing possible through easy and safe one-button operation. It’s the first and best way to activate dry cannabis flowers, concentrate and kief for at home.



Simple and efficient!

“Works like a charm. I now put all of my cannabis through the unit as it provides a more pleasant smoke, a more versatile product, and full potency. Win, win, win.” – Art A.

Game Changer

“This has been a game changer in my house, helping me to create powerful medicine in the form of edibles. Simple and easy to use, with amazing results each and every time.” – Erin D.

Excellent from start to finish.

“Excellent from start to finish. Works perfectly, with ease! I get my product lab tested and the tests show 99-100% activation every time. Soo much easier, safer, and less stinky than the old fashioned way.” – Jacqueline B.
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