Infused Edibles

Infused Edibles are food products where cannabis infused oil or butter is used in a recipe: first you activate your cannabis in the NOVA and then you put your ArdentActivated herb in the NOVA Sleeve, along with the oil or butter to create a THC infusion. Infused Edibles are ideal for both recreational and medical use.

How Infused Edibles Work

Any butter or oil of your choice can be infused and then added to a variety of recipes. There’s no need to revise your favorite recipes; simply substitute your infused oil or butter for whatever is called for in the recipe and enjoy!

The versatility of the Infused Edibles means you can prepare edibles from your own favorite recipes or use Ardent’s ready-to-use edible kits. While considerably slower than smoking to take effect (2-3 hours instead of immediately), the high lasts far longer, about 6-8 hours, however preparation requires a significant amount of effort since there are two additional steps required after ArdentActivation: infusing and cooking. Learn more about how to prepare your cannabis for Instant Edibles consumption.

How the NOVA and Sleeve Make a Difference

The NOVA’s two-step infusion process (first ArdentActivate then infuse), requires far less flower to provide the same level of intensity. In fact, when compared to infusing with a raw plant, infusing ArdentActivated cannabis is 4 times more potent. This increased potency means you can use 1/4 as much for the same effect and save money or use the same amount and enjoy a more powerful effect.

The one-button process makes it easy to infuse any of your favorite cooking oils or butters. The production of smaller batches with the NOVA means higher quality, fresher infusions and less waste too. The NOVA’s optimized activation and subsequent infusion cycles deliver a subtle herb taste, and many users experience no taste at all. The appliance is safe and easy to use for personal dosing at home, and the consistency of its operation ensures high quality infusions that can be relied upon to provide the desired effect.

It’s simple: ArdentActivate, infuse, and enjoy.



Simple and efficient!

“Works like a charm. I now put all of my cannabis through the unit as it provides a more pleasant smoke, a more versatile product, and full potency. Win, win, win.” – Art A.

Game Changer

“This has been a game changer in my house, helping me to create powerful medicine in the form of edibles. Simple and easy to use, with amazing results each and every time.” – Erin D.
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