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Ardent’s NOVA and its patent-pending ArdentActivation process makes it easier and more cost effective to enjoy more potent cannabis in ways which might be new to you. A few require minimal planning and are quick to prepare, others require more planning and prep time. Some allow you to easily control the initial dose while others are less precise. Some are more efficient than others at making all the THC in the plant available to you. Go ahead and explore all the possibilities!

There isn’t a “best” way to consume marijuana; each method has its own “profile”, its own list of strengths and weaknesses that arise from how THC is absorbed by your body: the lungs (orange), the digestive tract (green) or under the tongue (blue).

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Marijuana Consumption Methods Possible with the NOVA

Smoking & Vaping: Most Popular

Far and away, the most popular way to enjoy cannabis is by smoking it, and you can even smoke ArdentActivated cannabis. No matter whether rolled into a joint or placed into a vape or pipe, smoking ArdentActivated cannabis requires minimal pre-planning or special skills and delivers a nearly instant effect that lasts a comparatively short time. With smoking you are able to easily control the initial and subsequent doses (because if the effect is too strong, you stop smoking).

Smoking is incredibly inefficient and wasteful—as your money literally goes up in smoke—smoking ArdentActivated cannabis is way more cost effective: its increased potency means you can use less for the same effect and save money (or use the same amount and enjoy a more powerful effect).  Learn more.

Instant Edibles: Exciting and Versatile

Instant Edibles use cannabis as it comes straight out of the NOVA; except for grinding, nothing more needs be done so it’s a lot easier and less messy than Infused Edibles (which require the extra time & effort of the infusing and cooking steps). The ArdentActivated cannabis can be sprinkled directly on food or added to a smoothie which allows for very individualized dosing: more sprinkled on my slice of pizza than on yours. And thanks to the increased potency of  ArdentActivated cannabis, the quantities used are so small that you typically won’t taste the cannabis at all.

Another great Instant Edible approach is to put ArdentActivated cannabis into gelatin capsules that you swallow. This allows for very precise, consistent dosing (by weighing the amount of material you put in the capsule) which makes it very popular with medical users. And for shy recreational users, capsules are the most discrete of all the consumption methods: you could do it in front of your grandmother and she wouldn’t realize you were getting high.

Like all edible methods, it takes a relatively long time to feel Instant Edibles’ effects. The flip side of that, however, is the effect is often more intense and it lasts a long time.  Learn more.

Infused Edibles: Delicious and Fun

Oils or butters infused with cannabis can be used in just about any recipe that employ them, whether it’s your own or one of our prepackaged Infused Edible kits. This means there are no limits on the fun things to eat: from appetizers to hearty meals to delicious desserts.

While the rewards are great, Infused Edibles take the most time & effort because of the infusing and cooking.  Like Instant Edibles, the effects of Infused Edibles take a long time to feel and vary greatly: what you ate and how long ago has a big impact. On the other hand, the effect does tend to be more powerful and lasts way longer than smoking. Learn more.

Sublingual: Quick and Precise

Thanks to its rich blood supply, placing infused oils or ArdentActivated flower under the tongue allows for fast THC absorption. The sublingual method takes effect pretty quickly, delivers a long-lasting result, has great precision in both initial and subsequent dosing and has none of the downsides that all of the edible methods share (long time to effect and difficulty with dose control). There is a moderate amount of planning, time to prepare and skill required for a sublingual application. In addition, sublingual applications have no tell-tale smoke or smell. Learn more.

Topicals: Providing Pain Relief and Better Skin Care

TopicalsUsed as a discreet yet effective ingredient in lotions and patches, cannabis won’t get you stoned but will provide local pain relief. Topicals with cannabis can alleviate the pain that comes from ordinary athletic injury and overuse to the pain associated with medical conditions like neuropathy. They also provide steady relief over a period of several hours. In addition, adding infused oils to your favorite anti-aging and facial lotions can provide skin care benefits like less inflammation and fewer breakouts.  Learn more.


No matter which method you prefer, the NOVA’s one-button ArdentActivation process provides potent, dispensary quality activated cannabis at home, making it ideal for easy and accurate medical and recreational usage.

Effect Onset & Duration

Method Planning & Preparation

Dose Control & Potency

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Simple and efficient!

“Works like a charm. I now put all of my cannabis through the unit as it provides a more pleasant smoke, a more versatile product, and full potency. Win, win, win.” – Art A.

Game Changer

“This has been a game changer in my house, helping me to create powerful medicine in the form of edibles. Simple and easy to use, with amazing results each and every time.” – Erin D.

Excellent from start to finish.

“Excellent from start to finish. Works perfectly, with ease! I get my product lab tested and the tests show 99-100% activation every time. Soo much easier, safer, and less stinky than the old fashioned way.” – Jacqueline B.
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