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Suffering with a chronic condition?

Although a novel dosing concept, direct sublingual application is firmly rooted in science and parallels the most effective traditional uses of medical cannabis.

Direct sublingual application involves placing precisely decarboxylated cannabis under the tongue, allowing the cannabinoids to immediately enter the bloodstream through the vessel-rich tissues within the sublingual cavity. Fast, accurate uptake without the hazards of smoking!

What is a chronic condition?

Any health issue that causes distress, pain or suffering for more than three months. In states where medical cannabis is legal, the state will list qualifying (often chronic) conditions.

These “qualifiers” are diseases for which medical marijuana is approved for use as medicine, in that state where the patient lives. Most states include a “gray area” which allows doctors to assess the patient’s condition(s), then determine if medical cannabis is appropriate.

Ardent Cannabis encourages all people who suffer and especially those who have tried and failed many conventional therapies, to have the discussion with your doctor about cannabis. If your doctor is not open to cannabis, find another doctor.


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