NOVA Decarboxylator 220v


Free Shipping

NOVA Decarboxylator 220v


Free Shipping
  • For usage with international (220v) outlets
  • Activates maximum THC in your flower
  • Odorless and mess free, no cleanup necessary
  • Easy to use from your home (unit is 7.5″ x 4″)
  • Holds up to 1 ounce of flower or 5 ounces of kief

Using the Nova is Simple

  • Place raw canabis into our NOVA Decarboxylator

  • Press start button to begin decarboxylation process

  • Use herb in the current form as desired

Our products let you decrab herb from the comfort of your own home

  • No more messy, smelly butters the NOVA is quiet and odorless
  • Our products save herb by utilizing every bit of THC with a full decarb
  • Prepare your own medicine for oral, sublingual and topical use at home
  • Make strain specific edibles and taste the difference
  • We provide simple instruction, to understand the dosage to meet your specific needs

Easy Way To Use The Decarber Flower

  • Add it to your favorite foods

  • Drop it into a capsule

  • Use it in your afternoon tea

  • Eat your decarbed herb as is

  • John O'Brien

    Medicinal Patient

    My wife is a medical patient, she does not like to all. With the NOVA we can process her medicine at home, put it into pill form, edibles or pretty much anything we want.

  • John O'Brien

    Medicinal Patient

    I've been able to get off 500mg of opioid pills a day since. Since I've started using the NOVA, it makes my life so much easier and much more consistent.


  • How much does shipping cost?

    We offer FREE shipping on all NOVA decarboxylators when selecting our regular shipping option - this option takes 2 - 3 weeks to deliver. We offer expedited shipping for $25 - this takes 1 week.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We ship worldwide! Simply select your country when checking out. Please be aware that all customs fees incurred are the sole responsibility of the customer. Ardent does not take responsibility for customs charges incurred.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Our regular shipping option takes 2 - 3 weeks to receive your NOVA. Our expedited shipping option takes 1 week to receive your NOVA.

  • How much can it decarb at a time?

    Depending on the density of your flower, the NOVA can fit from 1/4 to 1 oz of flower. OR, the NOVA can hold 3-5 oz of kief (only).

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