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Wake & Bake Bundle


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About Product

With endless time saving combinations, the FX Double Lifter is an effortless way to activate different cannabis materials at once, make two infusions at once, or even bake two of your Breakfast Cloud Cakes in one quick and easy bake cycle.

The Breakfast Cloud Cakes are a sampler of Chocolate Chip and Blueberry breakfast muffins to give you that perfect wake and bake feeling. Brew some coffee and get ready for a great day.

What’s Included

The FX Double Lifter and the Breakfast Cloud Cakes Bundle Kit. The kit comes with four (4) Ready2Infuse Cups to simplify baking in-unit and cleanup, two (2) Chocolate Chip and two (2) Blueberry Breakfast Cloud Cake mixes, along with one (1) 1 oz. coconut oil for infusion, one (1) Ardent measuring spoon, one (1) wooden spoon, and a mini funnel with a screen for straining.

How to Use

To use the Breakfast Cloud Cakes Infusion Kit, simply activate your material inside the Ardent FX. Then, infuse your activated material into the provided coconut oil, or toss your activated material directly into the recipe, whichever you prefer. Preheat your Ardent FX on the bake cycle for 5 minutes. Add hot water and oil to the provided Ready2Infuse cups, which contain the muffin mix, with the cup cover removed, and stir well. Place the Ardent Ready2Infuse cups without the lid directly on the FX Double Lifter to make two muffins at once. Cover the Ardent FX and allow the Breakfast Cloud Cakes to bake on a full bake cycle. The power light will flash red when complete, then turn steady green. Total time will be about 70-85 minutes. Pull out the FX Double Lifter and remove your Breakfast Cloud Cakes from the unit. Allow them to cool before enjoying. Each Ready2Infuse cup makes one (1) muffin.

Compatible With

The Breakfast Cloud Cakes Infusion Kit is compatible with Ardent Nova or FX, while the FX Double Lifter is compatible with the Ardent FX.