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About Product

The Ardent FX Scent Shield and FX Vessel are a match made in heaven for intentionally noseblind decarb, infusion, baking, and storage! 

A home for countless creations, the Ardent Vessel is an Infusion Sleeve and stash jar in one multi-purpose container. It’s the perfect storage solution for flower, decarboxylated material, infusions, edibles, skincare, capsules, raffinate, and beyond. 

Its stainless steel core and airtight silicone top makes the Vessel a discreet, light-sensitive storage space for any of your cannabis or hemp-related products, at any point along the activation, infusion, or baking process. The collapsible silicone handle on the Vessel makes insertion and removal from the unit safe, stable, and spill-proof. 

The new Ardent FX Scent Shield is an extra layer of security for your discretion. No one will be able to catch a whiff as your cannabis or hemp decarboxylates, infuses, and bakes in the FX. 

Complete the cycle and store your infused products discreetly away inside the Ardent FX Vessel.

How to Use

Place your raw material inside the unlidded Vessel and into the FX. 

Replace the FX lid with the Ardent FX Scent Shield during decarboxylation, infusion, and bake cycles whenever you want to avoid drawing attention to your medicine. To activate THC-rich (or CBG-rich) material, place your flower, kief, concentrates, stems, trim, etc. inside the unit on the A1 setting for a full cycle. To activate CBD-rich material, begin the A2 setting instead. 

When it’s time to infuse your desired medium (ghee, butter, oil, milk, cream, and more), simply pour the medium over the decarbed material inside the Vessel, covering it entirely, and begin an infusion cycle. 

Once your infusion cycle is complete, strain out your material using the strainer of your choice, and pour it back inside the Vessel to store in the fridge, freezer, or out in the open. You can also skip the infusion step and just store your activated (or raw material) inside the Vessel to use it as a stash jar.

Compatible With

The Ardent FX Scent Shield and FX Vessel are compatible with the Ardent FX.