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Nova Double Lifter


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About Product

We’ve moved our Beta Lifters into development and are proud to present our new Double Lifters, compatible with the Ardent Nova. Use the Nova Double Lifter to activate two different types of cannabis, infuse into two different mediums (using a small glass or silicone baking cup,) or bake two treats at once right inside the Nova unit. The possibilities are endless with this double-stacked tool for optimal cannabis kitchen function. Double up on efforts, keep precious infusions stabilized, and prevent unnecessary spills and messes with the new, improved Nova Double Lifter.


What’s Included

The Nova Double Lifter.


How to Use

Place your material directly on the shelves, or insert material into a small, heat-safe glass, then slide the Lifter effortlessly into the core of the Ardent Nova, rotating the handle 45 degrees. Place the Nova lids back on top, and begin your decarb cycle. After decarb is complete, remove the lids, pull the Lifter out of the unit, and set it on an even surface. Either remove the activated material(s) for use, or pour your infusion medium(s) over top, place the Nova Double Lifter back into the device, and begin the infusion process. Once complete, take off the lids, pull the Double Lifter out, and remove infused oil. Add your infusion(s) to recipes, or bake treats using the infusions directly inside the Nova. You can also use the Nova Double Lifter to infuse and bake at the same time on separate shelves. If using your infusion later, store it in an airtight container such as the Ardent Vessel, away from direct sunlight.


Compatible With

The Ardent Nova.

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