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Nova Cannabutter Bundle


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Ardent Nova
Ardent Infusion Mold
Infusion Mold
Concentrate and Infusion Sleeves

About Product

This bundle comes with everything but the bud and butter! Make ultra potent cannabutter, or infused shea butter, mango butter, cacao butter, and more, using the Ardent Nova, Nova Infusion Sleeve and our brand new Infusion Mold. Decarb and infuse right inside the Nova using the Infusion Sleeve, then strain your infusion and pour it into the Infusion Mold: a spill-resistant storage solution that can house four different infusions or foods at once inside the fridge or freezer, or at room-temperature. Then, take your infusions back to the Nova and make tasty fun-sized infused products directly inside.

How to Use

Remove the Nova lid, then insert the Nova Infusion Sleeve and the desired amount of material inside the unit and place the cover back on top before beginning your decarb cycle. Press the single button interface to start the cycle. After the decarb cycle is complete, pour your infusion medium on top, and begin the infusion process by running a second Nova cycle.

Once complete, remove infusion from device and strain. Pour the strained infusion into the Infusion Mold, and place inside the freezer, fridge, or room-temperature countertop or shelf.

Compatible With

The Nova Infusion Sleeve is compatible with the Ardent Nova. The Infusion Mold can be paired with any/all Ardent devices, accessories, and kits, or non-infused crafts and kitchen projects of all kinds.