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FX & Infusion Sleeve Bundle


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About Product

We’ve bundled the Ardent FX with our best-selling Infusion Sleeve to give you access to unlimited mess-free decarb, infusion, and baking from the comfort of your home, office, hotel, and more. A great bundle for cannabis beginners and experts alike, and even better for those without a kitchen in their primary space.

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Ardent FX

Activate up to 4 oz of cannabis or hemp at a time with the FX, Ardent’s newest patented decarboxylator, infuser and multi-cook tool. Precision activation of CBD, THC, CBG and more. Four separate settings for perfect decarb, infusion, baking and cooking. Make every gram go farther and have the power to make any cannabis product for a fraction of the price. With no minimum amount required, turn your spare flower, kief or concentrate into valuable therapies. Or make large batches to share with your family and friends. Mix your decarbed bud or infusions into your favorite recipes and cook them right in the FX in the privacy of your room or office. Infuse mix and melt salves, suppositories, lotions, and all of your other favorite cannabis products. No lab or kitchen needed!

Infusion Sleeve (Silicone)

The Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve takes the sticky and messy out of activating concentrates and extracting flower into oils, milks and more. Decarb kief and concentrates with ease, and keep your FX clean as a whistle during decarb and infusions with this flexible sleeve. The Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve is made from FDA approved food-grade silicone and is BPA free.