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Clean Infusion Bundle


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About Product

Get the most out of your infusions while doing it in style and without the impossible to remove oil stains on your clothes! The Ardent FX holds four ounces of plant material at a time, with options to decarboxylate your THC, CBG, or CBD-rich material with 97-100% precision activation in each cycle. Then, infuse it into oils, butters, milks and more!

Our generation 2 Infusion Press features an upgraded pour spout for even more mess-free fun. The best-selling accessory strains the spent material from every last drop of your infusion without the mess. The easy-to-use lever is effortless to press down on for those with mobility issues, where cheesecloths, coffee filters, and other straining methods cannot compare. The enhanced easy-pour spout ensures every precious bit of your infusion makes it into your storage container. 

Our one-size-fits most Easily Baked Ardent Apron celebrates the ease of use with Ardent devices and accessories. Also gives you a sleek uniform for our monthly episode of Easily Baked with Ardent on Instagram live!

How to Use

Place the apron over your head and adjust the strap as needed. Tie the waist tie around your waist and get crafting or cooking!  

Remove the FX lid, then insert the desired amount of material inside the unit and place the cover back on top before beginning your decarb cycle. Choose A1 to activate THC and CBG-rich material and A2 to activate CBD-rich material. After the decarb cycle is complete, pour your infusion medium on top, and begin the infusion process by running the FX’s Infuse setting.

Once complete, using the Infusion Press, replace the FX lid with the utility tool to easily separate out the raffinate from the usable, infused oil without any loss.

Compatible With

The Ardent Infusion Press is compatible exclusively with the Ardent FX. The Easily Baked Ardent Apron is one size fits most and can be paired with any/all Ardent devices, accessories, and kits, or non-infused crafts and kitchen projects of all kinds.