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Birthday Cupcakes Infusion Kit
Birthday Cupcakes Infusion Kit

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About Product

There’s always something to celebrate. From the small wins to big victories, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, holidays, and more, you need a kit that is ready to spring into action when the good news rolls in.

The Ardent Birthday Kit and Double Lifter Duo commemorates our 6th year of industry-leading breakthroughs, technology, activism, and simplifying cannabis-infused DIY from any space. The Birthday Kit is an easy way to celebrate your birthday or wish your favorite stoner a happy birthday from afar, doubling up on time and effort making two cupcakes at a time.

Customize your cupcakes with included zodiac candies, and make a wish as you blow out your Birthjay, an included joint/candle hybrid. Blow up both “Happy Birthday! Let’s Get Baked!” balloons to set the vibe, and slip the included grinder/cake froster into your wallet for safekeeping anytime you need a joint or instant edible.

How to Use

Activate your plant material inside the Ardent Nova or FX unit, using the A1 setting to activate THC or CBG-rich material, and A2 to activate CBD-rich material. Then, pour the provided ghee over the activated material and run another cycle in the Nova, or an Infuse cycle in the FX. You can use the Double Lifter for added stability. For an instant edible instead, toss your activated material directly into the recipe, whichever you prefer.

If infusing, strain out the spent material from the infusion using a strainer, cheesecloth, or the Ardent Frainer or Infusion Press. Preheat your Ardent Nova or FX on the Bake cycle for 5 minutes. Using the provided cake mix, stir in 1 tablespoon of hot water followed by 1 teaspoon of infused ghee for each cupcake you want to make. Mix and stir well.

Scoop the batter into the provided cupcake liners and place directly on both shelves of the Double Lifter. Place inside the unit and bake for the entire cycle. In the Nova, the power indicator will turn green when complete. For the FX, the power light will flash red when complete, then turn steady green. Total time will be about 70 – 85 minutes.

Remove your Birthday cupcakes from the device and enjoy!

Compatible With

The Ardent Birthday Kit is compatible with Ardent Nova and Ardent FX devices. The Double Lifter is compatible with either the Nova or FX, depending on which size was selected at checkout.