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Apple Pie Infusion Kit
Apple Pie Infusion Kit

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The Mini Apple Pie Infusion Kit

Looking for a cozy infused treat that’s perfect for the holidays and delicious all year round? Our latest DIY kit puts a modern twist on an All-American favorite – Apple Pie! All the power of customization with no cooking or baking experience required.

Compatible with our Ardent FX, this all-in-one kit allows you to bake an infused apple pie, from crust to filling, with a totally customizable dose, directly inside the unit.

What’s Included In The Kit?

  • (1) FX Double Lifter
  • (2) Ready2Infuse Disposable Cups
  • (1) Gourmet Apple Pie Filling
  • (2) Pie Tart Shells
  • (1) 2 oz. Coconut Oil

The Apple Pie Bundle Kit comes with an FX Double Lifter, two Ready2Infuse disposable cups for mess-free cleanup, gourmet spiced apple pie filling, two pie tart shells, and coconut oil for infusion. Just bring the decarbed bud! Don’t have an FX? Don’t worry. You can still use this kit with the Nova, just bake the filling in-unit and pour it into the crust afterward.

FX Double Lifter – A New FX Accessory!

The FX Double Lifter goes inside the FX to let you decarb multiple strains, multiple infusions, or both your apple pies at once and easily remove them once complete. When you’re baking pies, cakes and snacks inside the FX, the FX Double Lifter is the essential accessory – just pull the handle up to gently lift your creations right out!

Our new line of Ardent Lifters are specially designed so you can easily pull jars, containers, or edible creations out of your FX or Nova hassle-free. One shelf allows for easy single-serving treats, as well as the easiest way to take jars in and out of your decarboxylator. With two shelves, you can actually bake both pies at the same time in just one cycle, or toss in one pie while you infuse oil on the other shelf, along with endless other time-saving combinations.

fx double lifter with infused apple pie kit