3-Kit Infusion Sampler


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3-Kit Infusion Sampler


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All 3 of Our Best-Selling Infusion Kits

Use our Coconut Oil Infusion Kit or Olive Oil Duo Infusion Kit for any recipe, whether it be food or topical, that can use some infused oil. Looking for something to feed your sweet tooth hankering instead? Keep it sweet (and delicious!) with our Magic Shell Infusion Kit’s rich chocolate ready to take any of your favorite cold desserts to the next level with a delicious chocolate shell.

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*Nova Decarboxylator sold separately
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Olive Oil Duo Infusion Kit

Master Infusion With An Award Winning Oil

This kit includes everything you need to produce a highly potent oil rich with nutrients which reduce inflammation, fight aging, and taste absolutely delicious. This robust olive oil is flavorful enough to use as dipping oil, yet light enough to make a delicious zucchini cake. The precision decarboxylation capacity of the Lift allows even a total novice to infuse their herb or concentrate at levels which rival any product available for sale in stores and dispensaries. The infusion process is so efficient, that you can produce this potent oil using less flower than you’d roll into a typical joint! This kit contains everything you need to turn your Ardent Lift into a professional grade, at-home infusion device. Get your kit today and add a delicious Mediterranean flavor to your medicating.

Learn more about the story behind our Olive Oil Duo Infusion Kit!


Coconut Oil Infusion Kit

Everything you need to make an easy, potent coconut oil infusion

Welcome to the wonderful world of infusion! This kit contains everything you need to make infused oil. Once your material has been #ActivatedbyArdent, mix with the oil and place into your NOVA for a second cycle to infuse. Now you’re ready to produce customized products and treats!

Once you’ve activated your herb and infused your oil, simply strain it through the funnel directly into your new jar. No mess. No cleanup.

You can use your infused oil in so many ways! Add it to your favorite recipes, or create any edible, topical, or cannabis product you can think of. Check out our infusion guide for more info on dosing and controlling potency.


Magic Shell Infusion Kit

Cool Down During the Summer With Our Magic Shell Kit

Summer is coming in blazing hot. These long summer days are best times to meet up with friends and family for pool parties, vacations, or just lounging in the heat, and what's better to cool you off than some cold, yummy ice cream. Here at Ardent, we love our summer sweet treats so much that we wanted to make them even better. So, we created our new Magic Shell Kit to take any of your favorite cold desserts to the next level with a delicious chocolate shell. 

Our Magic Shell Kits come with real, rich, gourmet chocolate pieces that you can make into a  tasty shell along with organic coconut oil that boosts flavor without being overwhelming. It's the perfect addition to your favorite ice cream or any other cold dessert plus, materials and instructions that make creating these delectable desserts at home super easy! Get a couple of friends together or just treat yourself to our luscious Magic Shell.

Find out more about our delicious Magic Shell Infusion Kit, and check out our infusion guide for more info on dosing and controlling potency.


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