Sweet Quartet Story

Sweet Quartet Story

A Kit For Those Who Hate To Choose

There’s something amazing about small batch caramel. The ingredients are simple: milk, sugar, and baking soda, punctuated with gourmet ingredients like Taza organic stone ground chocolate liquor and French bourbon vanilla beans. But it isn’t just ingredients that lends this storied dessert it’s rich deliciousness. Instead it is expertise and an eye for detail. Choosing the right milk gives a watchful pastry chef more time to dissolve the sugar into the milk. The right sugar will lend an extra richness of flavor. When these simple items come together, the result is ribbons of thick, sticky caramel with just the right amount of sweetness.

In our search for the best culinary experiences for the Ardent family, we’ve done the hard work for you. We wanted something that reminded us of fall, our favorite season in Boston. We chose the perfect base sauce; luscious and smooth, with just the right amount of salt. Our caramel is crafted as a homage to cajeta, a decadent Mexican dessert made from goat’s milk. The goat’s milk can be heated to an exceptionally high temperature, allowing the sugar in this caramel to caramelize deeply. The tang of the goat’s milk combines with the richness of the caramelized sugar to create a caramel more complex than any you’ve tried before. It’s also something that can be enjoyed even by people with lactose sensitivity.

When most companies design edibles, they start out by picking flavors that will most effectively cover the taste of cannabis that is sure to pervade the product. Thankfully, we don’t have to be worried about at Ardent. With precision decarboxylation in the Nova, just a tiny amount of cannabis goes a long way. You can take less than you would use to roll a joint to infuse the entire kit! Now, you can focus on enjoying the flavors that really showcase what this perfect sauce is capable of. This kit has everything you need to have delightful caramel experiences with your friends and family. Whether you drizzle heaping spoonfuls on ice cream or warm it with caramelized peaches, this flavor combination will allow you experience edibles in ways more delicious than you ever thought possible.

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