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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Terminated An Obama-Era Marijuana Policy

Article Excerpt:
Teen Vogue covers the rescinding of the Cole memo, which allowed legalized cannabis to be treated as legitimate business. The article highlights perspectives from the drug policy sphere including Shanel Lindsay.

Is New York on Its Way to Legalizing Marijuana?

Article Excerpt:
Article explores the possibility of New York legalizing cannabis for adult-use. Points to profits that other states have gained from legalizing cannabis as well as racial discrimination that persists in part from the illegality of cannabis.

4/20 Special: How Advocates and Entrepreneurs of Color Are Fighting for Equity in the Legal Weed Business

Article Excerpt:
Brings awareness to the fact that people of color are still being left out of the cannabis industry, despite the racist and unjust policies many people of color had to face regarding marijuana.

Women On Top: Women Of Color Reveal All About Working In The Cannabis Industry

Article Excerpt:
Cannabis business leaders are interviewed, including Shanel Lindsey who underscores the importance of people of color and women being a part of this industry, and how it is beautiful to see so many people come together sharing a common goal.

Why Are Only 4 Percent of Cannabis Businesses Owned By African Americans?

Article Excerpt:
Article looks into why such a small number of cannabis businesses are owned by African Americans. The author interviews black-owned business owners, including Shanel Lindsay who speculates that finding someone to fund her business was one of the hardest challenges especially because she is a woman of color.

Why Banning ‘Marijuana’ From The Cannabis Industry Doesn’t Work

Article Excerpt:
Nuanced discussion about why cannabis is the dominant term in the cannabis industry. Article explores the racist roots of the term marijuana. Shanel Lindsay is quoted talking about the importance of using the term cannabis, but suggests that if disenfranchised groups prefer the word marijuana, that should be respected.

Fighting Inequality in the Ever-Expanding Legal Weed Industry

Article Excerpt:
Women of color in the cannabis industry talk about why the cycle of injustice must be broken as the industry continues to evolve.

A Simple Survey of the Massachusetts Cannascape

Article Excerpt:
Writer interviews people to see where they currently see the status of the cannabis industry in Massachusetts as well as something they are working on. Lindsay mentions the continued push for equity in the Massachusetts market, as well as Ardent's new infusion kits for crafting edibles.

How This Attorney Found Her Calling In Cannabis

Article Excerpt:
When Shanel Lindsay graduated from Northeastern University law school in 2007, she never imagined she would draw on her J.D. as an advocate in the world of legalized marijuana. But her degree has proven powerful: she has emerged as one of the leading voices for social justice in the space, especially in Massachusetts, where she grew up.

The 5 Most Badass Women in Weed

Article Excerpt:
It's International Women's Day and, to celebrate, we've spoken with five of the most influential, inspiring, and all around badass women in weed. These women are involved in different aspects of the industry, but they're also all activists who have worked tirelessly to help shape cannabis as we know it today. The "grass ceiling" is about to go up in smoke, and you better believe the work of these five incredible women in weed has just began.

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