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Easy CBD Decarboxylation and Infusion

Ardent explains Easy CBD Decarboxylation and Infusion
THE BIG REVEAL: CBD dominant strains need either 1 or 2 cycles in your decarboxylator for full activation, depending on THC content. 1. What is CBD? CBD is a cannabinoid, just like THC, and it has a ton of health benefits. Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating, which has helped its push into the mainstream and created a huge demand. You might even see CBD being sold at your local gas station or corner store! Although CBD is becoming more readily available, it is important to beware of fake CBD and CBD made in an industrial settings, both of which have...

The Best Decarboxylator for Making Activated Topical Rubs

Article Excerpt:
Social Media's Alaskan Hash Queen gives shoutout to Ardent cannabis for their Nova decarboxylator.

Need last minute holiday gift ideas? Here’s 7 products any stoner would love

Article Excerpt:
Cannabis-oriented holiday gift list. List suggests several products among them being the Nova decarboxylator and Ardent infusion kits to go along with it!

26 Cannabis Gifts That Will Change Your Lover’s Life

Article Excerpt:
Gift guide for cannabis lovers, including Ardent's Sweet Quarter Caramel Infusion Kit

A Simple Survey of the Massachusetts Cannascape

Article Excerpt:
Writer interviews people to see where they currently see the status of the cannabis industry in Massachusetts as well as something they are working on. Lindsay mentions the continued push for equity in the Massachusetts market, as well as Ardent's new infusion kits for crafting edibles.

The Best 4/20 Gifts For Your Stoner Friends, According to Their Sign

Article Excerpt:
Title says it all, with Ardent's infusion products as a perfect gift for any Cancers out there.

The Best CBD-Infused Chocolates and Treats for Valentine’s Day

Article Excerpt:
For the DIY sugary sweetheart in your life. Ardent Cannabis recently launched a CBD caramel infusion kit just in time for Valentine's Day. The DIY set pairs perfectly with half a gram of cannabis (choose your favorite strain; THC or CBD). Then drip the sticky stuff over your favorite dessert (or body part) and let the good times roll. It's $35 for the basic Caramel Infusion Kit and $210 for the proprietary Nova Decarboxlylator, so you can infuse anything you like.

Valentine’s Day Is Great For Cannabis Consumers – They Have More Sex

Article Excerpt:
More of a DIY person? Try Goat's Milk Sweet Quartet Caramel Infusion Kit that retails for $35. You can make delicious, dispensary-grade edibles from the comfort of your own home— elevate any treat by simply drizzling over a dessert and/or dipping your favorite fruit!. Lactose-free flavors include: Original Caramel, Spicy Dark Chocolate, Salted Bourbon and Vanilla Bean

Have robots roll your joints and infuse your budder this High Stoner Holiday

Article Excerpt:
Joints aren't the end all, be all of cannabis consumption, mind you. Some folks dislike the smell, others are unable to due to health issues or an overzealous HOA. This, of course, is where edibles come in. But before you can start baking up a batch of magic brownies, you first need to activate the THC in your nugs from its natural THC-A state. Traditionally, this is done by spreading the weed out on a baking sheet and slow roasting it in the oven for an hour or two at low temperatures. This is the simplest method but also the...

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