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Cannabis-Infused Veggie Soup

The colder, damp weather means that stuffy noses and labored coughs are kicking in, too….

Feb 05 2024

11 Ways to Use Cannabutter for Dinner

Cannabutter is an ultra-diverse infusion base that can help you turn hundreds of meals into…

Feb 04 2024

The Ardent Guide to Cannasalt

Cannabis-infused salt is a handy ingredient for any time you want to discreetly elevate at…

Jan 30 2024

How to Make Gummy Edibles (Easy THC Infused Gummies Recipe)

Infused gummies are where many edible experts draw the line. Too many variables, very precise…

Jan 28 2024

How to Make Infused Store-Bought Chips

Whether it’s game day, a rainy day, or just Tuesday, we know that a crunchy…

Jan 10 2024

Cannabis-Infused Healthy Grazing Snacks

Snacking can be hard. When you’re out of ideas, this spicy garlic edamame and these…

Dec 06 2023

Ardent Basics: How to Brew Coffee Inside the Ardent FX

Most stoners we know start their day with a coffee. Our hometown of Boston is…

Sep 29 2023

Ardent Infused Copycat IKEA Swedish Meatballs

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. If you’re moving: packing, making trips…

Sep 05 2023

A Family Reunion To Remember Featuring Ardent’s Cannabutter with a Twist

At Ardent, we believe sharing the joy of cannabis-infused creations with loved ones is one…

Aug 22 2023

Day-to-Night Instant Edibles

An Elevated Journey of Health, Wellness, and Joy In the vibrant city of Barcelona, the…

Aug 16 2023

How to Use ABV for Cannaoil or Cannabutter

The Ardent community is filled with cannabis and hemp lovers of all kinds! Along with…

Aug 12 2023

Cannabutter Infusion Boost With CBG Kief

Infusion boosting Ardent’s THC & CBD Cannabutter with decarboxylated CBG kief for a potent and effective cannabinoid therapy.

Jul 26 2023

Instant Edibles – Cornbread 3 Ways in the FX

Indulge in Infused Cornbread Delights with Ardent FX: Three Ways to Elevate Your Culinary Experience!…

Jul 26 2023

Infused Espresso Wars – Miriam vs. Eve: Battle for the Best Cannabis Coffee in Barcelona!

Introduction: At Ardent, we believe you have the right to health, wellness and joy using…

Jul 19 2023

Instant Edibles on the Go: Empanadas on the Boardwalk

Above all, cannabis is versatile. And being able to make infused oils at the press…

Jul 13 2023