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Decarb Diaries: Skywalker Goo

Straight from the Ardent-verse, we've got a decarb  demonstration to show you what the Skywalker Goo strain looks like before and after decarb, share some testing results, and show you how you can get the most out of every single gram. We started with 1 gram of Skywalker Goo flower, decarbed that in the Nova, and pulled out the decarbed sample. [gallery size="large" link="none" columns="2" ids="37559,37560"]   The starting flower had a potential for 17% THC, and with the Nova's precision decarb our decarbed flower has 17% THC. That means in one gram of flower there's 170 milligrams of active,...

Want to Cook with Cannabis? Don’t Overlook This Essential Kitchen Tool

Article Excerpt:
Gram for gram, getting high off edibles requires more weed than virtually any other kind of cannabis consumption. About 30 percent of available THC will find its way into your bloodstream when smoking a joint and up to 80 percent through a vape. Edibles? Only from 4 to 20 percent. This is why you get a decarboxylator, which, for the uninitiated, is like a super-precise countertop oven used to maximize the THC content in flower.

Why People With Asthma Can Benefit From Edibles

Article Excerpt:
I decided to stop my daily routine of inhaling steroids and try using weed as my primary anti-asthma medicine. Traditionally, making edibles or other consumable forms of marijuana at home meant “decarbing” weed by cooking it until stinky in an oven at a precise temperature or arduously distilling the flower into butter or oil form before making brownies. Raw marijuana won't kill you if you eat it, but it won't get you high or release the majority of its medicinal compounds, either, in its naked acidic form

NowThisWeed Video

Article Excerpt:
This video covers the NOVA and how the decarboxylation activates your cannabis.

Six Medical Marijuana Entrepreneurs Share Their Latest Innovations

Article Excerpt:
This story covers the decarboxylation process and how those consuming cannabis without decarbing the material lose 1/3 or more of the available THC.

Ardent Nova Decarboxylator Review: Unlocking the Best Cannabinoids

Article Excerpt:
Ardent Nova Decarboxylator Review; give a glowing review of the Nova and highlights its quality, efficiency, and how it turns herbs into delightful edibles and other products.

Now You Can Make Dispensary-Grade Cannabis Products At Home

Article Excerpt:
Explains what Ardent is and how the decarboxylation process works. Details the science of THC and CBD molecules and how the Nova allows for complete ardentactivation of them. Gives a detailed idea of what types of products the Nova can potentially create.

How Cannabis Businesses Utilize Science and Technology to Advance

Article Excerpt:
The author interviews a variety of cannabis industry members who delve into how their companies utilize science in bettering their products. Shanel Lindsay is interviewed and discusses the importance of testing for potency and to make better products for customers and patients.

Ganja Gifts for the Cannabis Enthusiasts on Your List

Article Excerpt:
Gift guide for people who use cannabis; includes the Nova decarboxylator with a brief description of why decarboxylation is beneficial.

The Ultimate Homemade Edibles Gift Guide

Article Excerpt:
Gift guide for homemade edibles as the focus, features the Nova decarboxylator. Introduces the process of decarboxylation, and why Nova would be the best bet for anyone looking to make edibles. Also mentions infusion kits to go along with the purchase.

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