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Decarb Diaries: Velvet Purp in Silicone Sleeve

We are back with another installation of the decarb dairies! This time we decarboxylate the Velvet Purp strain and show you what it looks like before and after decarb while sharing some testing results.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether you decarb flower in the silicone sleeve. So in this episode we decarb with and without the sleeve to show you the comparison.

We started with 1 gram of Velvet Pup (first test below) and decarbed normally in the Nova without the silicone sleeve (second test), and then we decarbed using the silicone sleeve (last test).

For this strain, our decarbed bud has over 17% THC, giving us over 170 milligrams of active THC in that single gram.

You can see there was great decarb with and without the sleeve. Both results had over 17% THC – over 170 mg of THC per gram.  Decarbing with or without the silicone sleeve yields excellent results. There is slightly more THCA when using the silicone sleeve, but not a significant amount. Feel free to use your silicone sleeve for your concentrates, flowers, trim, or to infuse.

Happy Decarbing!!



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  • Tom Carpenter 6 months ago

    I am such a fan of your test results! Who knew!!!! I always tell people to decarb and I am personally just startinge to decarb plant material for my vape and hell yes it makes a difference . Who knew????? Thinking of 50 yrs of plant material that could have been even better. Keep up the great work!

  • Cherie Ellsworth 6 months ago

    I absolutely love my Nova!Thanks for a wonderful product that’s so versatile and dependable.


  • jerry Briscoe 5 months ago

    I love my decarboxlator I remend you to HighTime 5o women Awards for this product you sell!

  • Tom Shaner 5 months ago

    Best invention since the wheel

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