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With its high-tech cannabis activation technology and simple, one-button operation, NOVA increases the potency of your cannabis and decreases your cost per use. To strengthen potency, the patent-pending design of the NOVA ensures optimal activation of THC through our exclusive ArdentActivation process. It also opens up an exciting world of new ways to enjoy cannabis, from sprinkling to infusing.

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NOVA Infusion Sleeve

The specially designed silicone Infusion Sleeve is the go-to accessory for the NOVA. It fits perfectly in NOVA’s inner canister and allows for a second, infusion cycle in the NOVA that pulls the THC from the plant into butter or oil for use in making edibles. In addition, the Sleeve makes it possible for a mess-free activating of cannabis concentrates, too.

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Ardent Infusion Kits

Our Infusion Kits expand the versatility and usefulness of the NOVA and Infusion Sleeve. They make infusing cannabis into your own recipes or our prepackaged kits easy and accessible to everyone. Our Topical Kits help put pain in its place and enhance your beauty routine. Think of the possibilities!

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Works amazingly well

“I’ve had this now for a few months and I use it all the time, it’s so convenient and the results are always consistent. I really like that it is so discreet as well, it doesn’t create any smell when in use and it is...

This unit simply works.

“Love the simplicity of loading the Ardent, pushing a button, and then knowing I have the most thorough decarboxylation without further muss or fuss. Very easy. No more guess work.” – Larry L.


“I have tried multiple methods of decarboxylation with mixed results. Ardent’s product is a game changer and a necessity for anyone who wants to greatly increase the quality of their botanical-based products. Simple to use and clean. Take your product to the next level with...
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