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ArdentActivation is a patent pending method of decarboxylation, the scientific term for activating or converting the unusable form of THC in the raw plant (THCA) into its bioactive form (THC). ArdentActivation in the NOVA is very efficient at this conversion, minimizing waste and maximizing the resulting THC.

Increased Smoking and Infusion Potency

When smoking, for example, potency triples, which means you can achieve the same effect with 1/3 the amount of herb, saving money (estimate your savings with our ROI Estimator) or you can use the same amount and enjoy an enhanced effect.

When creating Infused edibles, ArdentActivation is even more efficient. When you ArdentActivate your cannabis in the NOVA and then infuse into oil or butter with the NOVA’s Infusion Sleeve, the potency rate is 4 times higher than if you just infuse raw cannabis so you can use ¼ as much.

Many Exciting Ways to Consume Cannabis

With ArdentActivated cannabis, there are many different ways to enjoy your herb:

  • Smoking or Vaping
  • Instant Edibles
  • Infused Edibles: Ardent Kit
  • Infused Edibles: Your own recipe
  • Sublingual (under your tongue)

As discussed here, each has its own strengths and weaknesses: some take effect quicker, some last longer, others are quick & easy, others very discrete.

For instance, Instant Edibles are an edible method that skips the time & effort of infusing and allow you to sprinkle cannabis as it comes out of the NOVA onto food like it was a spice (because of the increased potency, you do not need very much). This method takes a while before the effects are felt, lasts a long time and is very discrete and unnoticeable.

Enables Accurate and Personal Dosing

Because the NOVA converts essentially all of the THCA in the raw plant into its bioactive THC form, you can you easily use the precise info on the label that dispensaries include on their packaging to calculate your desired dose. Simply add the percentage of THCA and the percentage of THC on the label: this total reflects the percentage of THC that will be available after you ArdentActivate the cannabis.

In contrast, when consuming the raw plant, there’s no way to know how much THC you’re actually getting. In smoking, for example, some of the THCA is converted to THC by the flames heat, but unless you own some very expensive chemistry equipment it’s impossible to calculate the dose because it’s impossible to know how much THCA was actually converted to THC.

While the ability to precisely determine your dose is a popular feature for everyone, it is especially helpful for medical users. Learn more in our Dosing Guide.

Also, because the NOVA has the ability to fully activate cannabis in amounts smaller than what you’d typically use in a joint, truly personal dosing is possible. Consider how convenient and economical it is to make 8 oz. of coffee for yourself with a coffee pod versus brewing a whole pot for one cup; cannabis users enjoy that same freedom and ease with the NOVA.


Easy Ways To Use Decarbed Flower

  • Add it to your favorite foods

  • Drop it into a capsule

  • Use it in your afternoon tea

  • Eat your decarbed herb as is

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