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TopicalsWhile many people find relief from stress and pain through massage, those experiences can be enhanced by using skin care products with added cannabis, called topicals. Creating topicals from your favorite facial care products offers beauty benefits, too. You can make your own topicals at home with the NOVA Lift and Infusion Sleeve. It’s a great way to enjoy your preferred skin care products even more.


Use NOVA for Custom Topicals

The NOVA and Infusion Sleeve make creating custom topicals at home fun and easy.

  1. Add your chosen herb to the canister in the NOVA, place the purple silicone top on and secure the lid. The NOVA Lift accommodates any quantity of flower: from less than a joint’s worth to more than 1 ounce. It also works with Kief, wax, shatter and any other concentrate that hasn’t been activated during processing.
  2. Plug the the NOVA in and press the green, “ready-to-go” button on the outside bottom of the device. During the activation process, the light will be red. Do not open the lid during this time.
  3. When the NOVA has completed the optimum conversion cycle for the cannabis placed inside (about 1.5 – 2 hours), the red light will turn green once the cycle is done. At this point, you can open the lid.
  4. Add your now ArdentActivated cannabis to your favorite oil or butter in the Infusion Sleeve. We find it helpful to put the sleeve into the NOVA, then add the oil and ArdentActivated cannabis.
  5. Put the purple silicon top on and secure the lid.
  6. Press the green, “ready-to-go” button on the outside bottom of the device to begin the infusion cycle. During the infusion cycle, the light will be red. Do not open the lid during this time.
  7. When the red light turns turns green, the infusion process is complete and you can now open the device.
  8. Remove the Infusion Sleeve from the device, strain the infusion and store in a clean container in a cool, dark place.

Your cannabis-infused oil can be use immediately as a massage oil or moisturizer. For custom topicals, mix it into your favorite lotions and apply directly to your skin. Use shea butter for a thick body butter or coconut oil for a spreadable lotion. Add other oils or fragrances if desired.

The ratio of cannabis-infused oil to lotion that users find effective can vary. It’s worth making several batches and experimenting to find what ratio works best to meet your needs.


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