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ArdentActivation is the process by which the patent-pending NOVA,  decarboxylates cannabis, efficiently converting or activating all of the raw THC in the plant into its bioactive form. Shanel Lindsay, Ardent’s founder, invested years working with a lab to create a super efficient, reliable and simple NOVA that maximizes the availability of THC in cannabis, allowing users to achieve the same effect with less herb (or a more powerful effect if using the same amount). The NOVA also opens up so many new ways to enjoy cannabis and tailor your use to meet your own goals and preferences.

Why ArdentActivate?

Using ArdentActivated cannabis prepared with the NOVA means having a more potent herb for a variety of uses. This increased potency allows you to use less cannabis for the same effect per dose and per batch activated, which saves you money. Learn more.

Learn How to Prepare Fun New Ways of Enjoying Cannabis

  • Smoking ArdentActivated cannabis increases the potency three times over smoking raw cannabis.
  • Instant Edibles  use activated cannabis as it comes straight out of the NOVA and is the easiest way to consume it. Except for grinding, no additional effort, specialized kitchen gear or cooking time is required. The cannabis is usually either sprinkled over food, added to drinks or added to gelatin capsules.
  • Infused Edibles are foods made with activated cannabis-infused oils or butters. Nearly any recipe can be used, simply replace the recipe’s oil or butter with a canna-infused version.
  • Sublingual includes oil based tinctures as well as direct placement of small pieces of activated cannabis under the tongue.
  • Making topicals is a great option for users of cannabis who are most interested in pain relief or enhancing their beauty routine. Using ArdentActivated infused oils mixed in with skin care products like shea butter or coconut oil delivers effective and long-lasting pain relief without a high.

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