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Shanel Lindsay, Founder and President of Ardent, LLC.Ardent was founded by Shanel Lindsay, a well-known and active medical cannabis user and advocate. With no access to legal cannabis products, she had spent the previous decade producing her own sublinguals and edibles without any reliable method of dosing. When a lab opened up near her home, she immediately began to test her procedures in an attempt to create a more efficient, cost-effective process. After much research and experimentation, she developed the patent-pending NOVA and began providing information to the cannabis community including publishing testing results and dosing guides. The NOVA allows users to optimally activate cannabis, resulting in higher potency that saves money.

With the NOVA’s recent addition of the infusion sleeve, the first at-home decarboxylator became the most effective at-home infusion device. New and exciting infusion kits, like black truffle oil and coconut oil round out Ardent’s product offerings.

Ardent was founded on the principle of providing cannabis users with access to the information Shanel struggled to find as a medical user. In a few years, Ardent has grown to be a leading provider of cannabis educational materials, particularly within the sphere of decarboxylation, infusion and dosing. Shanel believes that access to this information is the key to providing people all over the world with the information they need to produce their own custom cannabis medication in predictable doses at a fraction of the cost they would pay at a dispensary.

She used her legal background as an attorney and personal experience with cannabis to help write the laws that were enacted in her home state of Massachusetts, with a focus on equity provisions for lives and communities affected by the War on Drugs.

Information is Key

Shanel believes that providing users access to cannabis information is paramount. This allows them to produce their own custom cannabis edibles, tinctures, lotions and medication at a fraction of the cost than they would pay in a dispensary. Ardent has grown to be a leading provider of cannabis educational materials, particularly within the sphere of activating and dosing.

Advocate for Equity

Shanel Lindsay is using her past as a catalyst for the future. Shortly after Massachusetts decriminalized cannabis possession and use, she saw first-hand that it didn’t grant people the protections they were supposed to be afforded, when instead of receiving a $100 ticket as the law required, she was arrested for carrying less than an ounce of marijuana for medical purposes.

One of Shanel’s missions is to see the new cannabis economy reverse disproportionate and racially-biased trauma stemming from the War on Drugs. As the founder and president of Ardent, creator of the NOVA and suite of Ardent products, she continues to work toward that goal.

She co-drafted the Massachusetts adult use cannabis law, and in 2017, was appointed by the State Treasurer to the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board, where she provides recommendations to the state’s marijuana regulators. Shanel is currently calling on regulators to reserve the upcoming social consumption and delivery licenses for participants in the state’s equity and economic empowerment programs.

Leading the Way

Because of her expertise, Shanel is frequently invited to speak at national and international events. She enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gained through education and experience and hopes to instill in others an understanding of the need for thoughtful and just public policy related to cannabis.

Shanel’s hard work has earned her many awards and honors, including:

  • Boston Business Journal’s – 40 under 40
  • CannaTank winner 2016 (and judge 2018-19)
  • 100 most influential in Cannabis by High Times 
  • Advisory Board, 2016 Global Alpha Forum Cannabis Pitch Competition.

Contact us today to learn more about Shanel Lindsay and her advocacy of sensible and equitable marijuana laws.

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