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In the days before the legalization of cannabis, there was a serious lack of accurate, scientific information about preparing cannabis for medical or recreational use. In our post-prohibition era, Ardent is striving to fill that gap, with trustworthy educational materials and products built on science not rumors.

With Ardent’s NOVA and Infusion Sleeve, and the lab-tested and patent pending ArdentActivation™ process it employs, cannabis users can benefit from consistently high-quality results, increased potency that saves money and fun, new ways to enjoy cannabis.

The NOVA and Infusion Sleeve

Ardent’s NOVA and its patent pending ArdentActivation process makes it easier and more cost effective to enjoy more potent cannabis in ways which might be new to you. A few consumption methods require minimal planning and are quick to prepare, others require more planning and prep time. Some allow you to easily control the initial dose while others are less precise. Some are more efficient than others at making all the THC in the plant available to you. Go ahead and explore all the possibilities!

And with the recent addition of Ardent’s infusion sleeve, the NOVA has also now become the most cost effective at-home infusion device too. With testing results approaching 100% THC infusion, the NOVA is the only at-home infusion device with published test results. This allows users to accurately determine dosage in anything from sublinguals to gel caps to edibles.

Ardent DIY Kits

The NOVA & Infusion Sleeve, being the most cost effective at-home infusion device, have spawned an exciting range of do-it-yourself (DIY) infusion kits. These kits allow even an inexperienced user to create potent, high-quality edible and topical products that are nearly indistinguishable from the pricey items sold at dispensaries plus many other items not commercially sold. Ardent also provides customers with a steady stream of recipes and how-to guides, allowing NOVA users to grow with the device as their knowledge and skills increase.

Accurate Information is Key

Ardent believes that providing users access to cannabis information is paramount. This allows them to produce their own custom cannabis edibles, tinctures, lotions and medication at a fraction of the cost than they would pay in a dispensary. Ardent has grown to be a leading provider of cannabis educational materials, particularly within the sphere of activating, infusing and dosing.

Cannabis Social Equity

Ardent is fully committed to cannabis social equity, especially the equitable treatment of communities adversely affected by the War on Drugs. In fact, Ardent founder Shanel Lindsay, has been a fierce proponent of cannabis laws and social equity in Massachusetts and beyond.

Shanel has made it her mission to guide the new cannabis economy toward reversing the race-based economic disparities that erupted from long-standing drug policies in America. She’s had an active role in drafting state laws, advising state regulators, speaking at industry events, and participating in grassroots activities focused on long-term, positive change.

As Ardent continues to grow, we look forward to continuous contributions to the cannabis community. Prohibition has resulted in a dearth of information about this highly useful plant. At Ardent, we plan to help to fill that gap.

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Simple and efficient!

“Works like a charm. I now put all of my cannabis through the unit as it provides a more pleasant smoke, a more versatile product, and full potency. Win, win, win.” – Art A.

Excellent from start to finish.

“Excellent from start to finish. Works perfectly, with ease! I get my product lab tested and the tests show 99-100% activation every time. Soo much easier, safer, and less stinky than the old fashioned way.” – Jacqueline B.

Best Cannabis Device

“I have found the Ardent Decarb Device well worth the investment. It decarbs plenty of cannabis at one time and allows me to use less because it efficiently activates my medicine and provides a stronger dose.” – Jeff M.
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